Pune’s “singing donkey” Emily has become internet sensation giving a tough battle to Harriet, Ireland’s singing Donkey, Watch the video


Chhattisgarh Times Raipur: Recently a singing female donkey has become the talk of the town in Pune after it startled everyone by hitting the high notes whenever she is in a “happy mood”. According to information, the female donkey “Emily” was rescued by an NGO in Pune after they found her roaming on the streets of the city in a very critical condition after delivering her baby. A representative from NGO said that there is not any scientific or medical explanation behind this behavior of Emily. However, some donkeys tend to make soothing noises and start to sing whenever they are in a cheerful mood. We rescued Emily when she was found in a very critical condition after delivering her baby. We immediately rushed her to RESQ center where she behaved aggressively at first during the treatment but after some time she became comfortable with the environment and animals around her.Today Emily has become so friendly with the people and animals around her; she gets along with everyone very well. She shows trust and love towards the people around by breaking into a song, he said. A local veterinarian who is a specialist in treating mammals of horse family said that every animal has a different way in which he/she expresses his/her emotions. Horses bump and run when they’re happy while dogs run around to express their happiness. Similarly, Emily must have developed this unique way to express her happiness by singing. The video of Emily has become an internet sensation too. People are giving mixed reactions to her video which went viral on social media including Facebook and Twitter. Emily is giving a tough battle to Harriet— Ireland’s singing Donkey in terms of views and likes on social media.

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