A high-tech Indoor firing range for CISF will be developed soon in Bhilai


Raipur: To teach firing in a unique way to CISF personnel’s and protect industries of the state, a high-tech   Indoor firing range will be developed soon in Bhilai. The Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) will now be taught a unique way of firing after this new set-up. In this Indoor firing range, a training centre and entire environment like the industry will be prepared.
CISF Deputy Inspector General, Bhilai Steel Plant, Uttam Sarkar informed “  a modern setup of the hi-tech shooting will be set-up soon in the Bhilai. CISF higher authorities have visited Bhilai and confirmed that it will built in a year”.  
“In chhattisgarh around 9000 CISF Jawans are deployed in industries and Airport .1400 are deployed for the Bhilai Steel Plant and 3000 are in training center at Bhilai Utai. Training of shooting in this area will sharpen the shooting skills of the jawans who deployed in the Airports, Steel Authority of India units, atomic institute, historical heritage etc. Usually they do not have the experience of shooting at the workplace. Government has given its approval to further strengthen the internal security system. Recently DG Rajesh Ranjan also visited Bhilai and said about this kind of set-up” Sarkar added.

As per the information in the proposed center, multiple groups of CISF can be trained together. CISF personnel will be able to take training at any time during the day and night. All the check points in the Industrial Center and the difficulties in safety settlement will be reflected in the center. A large number of young people can be trended by the skilled trainers from across India here.
CISF is a paramilitary force, whose main task is to protect the government factories and other government enterprises. These forces also protect various important institutions of the country. It was formed in 1969. Today the number of this force is approximately 1.50 lakhs. Apart from the security of the PSUs, these forces also protect the country’s internal security, protection of people, metro, nuclear institutions, historical heritage etc.

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