Polling personnel complains—inedible voter’s ink is causing skin irritation and burning sensations on fingers


Chhattisgarh Times
Raipur: A polling officer—Idrish Khan— who was on poll duty during last phase of assembly elections had complained about severe burning sensations and skin irritation caused due to the inedible ink.
Idrish was involved in applying voter’s mark during polling in the last phase of state assembly elections. He said that instead of stick, a brush was provided to them to apply voter’s mark. The brush had cause spilling of ink which got on the fingers of his hands.
Idrish complained that his fingers remained numbed for three days and he is still suffering from severe pain, burning sensation and skin irritation in his fingers due to this. He said that strong chemicals are used in the production of inedible ink which is causing us severe pain and skin troubles.
Idrish demanded the Election Commission to take this matter seriously and provide gloves as a security option to all the voting personnel involved in this work in future elections.
Some other voting personnel from across the state involved in applying voter’s mark during polling in state assembly elections had also complained about skin troubles and irritations due to the use of inedible ink. Troubled by the suffering, the voting personnel said that they can’t even sleep properly due to the skin irritation and burning sensations caused by the inedible ink used during polling.

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