MHRD issued circular regarding the weight and curriculum of school bag


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Raipur: Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) issued circular issuing clear instructions regarding the weight and curriculum of school bag. More than one 1.5 Kilograms of school bags cannot be worn on the shoulders of the of class one and class two children similarly class 3-5 children’s school bag shall not exceed the weight of 2-3 kilograms.
As per the circular the allowed weight of school bags for class 3 to 5 is 2-3 kilograms, for classes 6-7 is 4 Kilograms for classes 8 to 9 is 4.5 Kilograms and for class 10 it can be 5 Kilograms.
MHRD has directed these guidelines for the schools
Class one and two children will not be given home work. Classes one and two will have language, mathematics and classes three to five will have , language, mathematics and environmental science subjects. School authorities will not be able to take other subjects. Courses will be made-to-order to NCERT. Students will not create pressure to bring text content and bring extra books, so that the weight of the bags does not increase.
In several schools small children were seen carrying bags up-to seven kilograms in pre primary classes. Most of the schools students burdened with their overweight bags. Parents who had come to pick up their wards were seen carrying the schoolbags due to its excess weight. The heavy weight bag is resulting in serious spine problems including backache at young age.
With heavy weight of school bags,this kind of problems occurs in children;
Heavy baggage of students can have a bad effect on the shoulders of the child. Pain can persist, One-sided pain on shoulder can start, Lower back pain can start when child starts to bend forward.
lifting more weight has a psychological effect on children. Also the child comes under stress.
There may be problem of spondylitis and scoliosis in the future.
Taking heavy weight at a young age causes pressure on the lungs. Probability of respiratory problem as well.

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