Legislative Assembly election 2018;Investigation campaign continues in the state,more than 11.85 crore illegal materials seized


Chhattisgarh Times Raipur: Under the ongoing process for the general elections of the Chhattisgarh assembly, the Election Commission is keeping a strict vigil over the illegal sale of alcohol and other materials in all the districts of the state. Distribution of illegal cash and illegal jewellery and other illegal items has also been strictly prohibited. So far Rs11.85 crore, illegal material seized in the state.
On the directions of Chief Election Officer Subrat Sahu, illegal items of eleven crore 85 lakh 51 thousand 461 rupees has been seized by flying squads by district election offices in different districts of the state. Cases have also been filed against the guilty persons as per rules. Chief Election Officer Subrata Sahu himself is conducting a tour of different districts of the state and he is conducting a review of administrative preparations related to the elections, taking the meeting of the officials there.
Chief Electoral Officer’s said that the police, Excise, and Income Tax Department officials are conducting a comprehensive investigation campaign in each district of the state. He said that in the seizure of these items till November 16, the amount of illegal cash amount of Rs 4 crore 47 lakh 13 thousand 358, while in the meantime, 70 thousand 681 liters of illegal liquor was also seized, which is worth about Rs 1 crore 30 lakh 15 Thousands tentatively.
Officials said that during this period, under the Drug and Narcotics Act, about 22 kg of narcotics have also been seized, which cost about one lakh 76 thousand rupees. Under the Comprehensive Investigation Campaign, officials have seized items made of gold and silver jewellery and other metals of about 29 lakh 13 thousand 871 during this period. Apart from this, illegal laptops, vehicles, sarees, pressure cookers etc. have also been seized, which have been valued at around 5.77 crores,33 thousands and 175 rupees.

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