Cartoon Watch launches Global Online Cartoon Museum


Chhattisgarh Times Raipur. The country’s only cartoon magazine—Cartoon Watch has launched Global Online Cartoon Museum on the occasion of entering to its 23rd year. Cartoon Watch Editor Triambak Sharma said in a release that he has tried to fulfill his dreams of the past 22 years through a digital medium and now the whole world can see this museum on YouTube.
He said that this cartoon museum is unique in itself because in it you feel that you are literally going inside a museum and one frame stops and stays in front of you and moves forward. In order to keep it interesting, such cartoons have been selected which are from 1950 to 1975 but are still are loved by the people today.
This effort is an attempt to preserve the work and name of many cartoonists who have no information about the internet and Wikipedia and they have passed away. Sharma said that the feature of this museum will be that the viewers will be able to see it according to their convenience. It will have its own innumerable galleries so that this museum will never be old and add to the work of new old cartoonists.
The time of the first gallery is kept for 10 minutes, while the rest of the gallery is being made just 5 minutes so that people can watch it in a short span of time. Now Cartoon Watch has launched the first three galleries, in which cartoons are cartoons of Shankar Pillai, Mario Miranda, and R.K.Laxman. Apart from this, in the first gallery, Dharmayuga, The Illustrated Weekly of India, there are many cartoons of Shankar Weekly including Negi, Sushil Kalra, B.L. Goswami, Digi, Bal Rane, Nadig, Booch, Vishnu, Daboo, Bijji, Narendra, Jayadev , Manik, Sharad, Vinod, Bawa, Pankaj Goswami, Uigha, Kanti, Prakash, Madhukar Chaudhary and the Shiksharthi. Ninety per cent of these cartoonists are not alive but their work is still able to smile on people’s faces.
Editor of The Hindu N Ram during his address on the Hindu cartoon festival in Chennai had said that due to the efforts of Cartoon Watch and Triambak Sharma, Raipur should be called Cartoon Capital. The Global Cartoon Museum is a step ahead in the same direction, and it will take Chhattisgarh to the global level. This museum can be viewed on this link from the YouTube -https: //youtu.be/O1Q7aH4BkL0

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