Korba’s Balaji Trauma Center faces rage after facing charges of patient’s death due to treatment negligence, Investigation team formed under Collector’s supervision

Town’s Balaji Trauma Centre again under controversies after the accusations of a patient’s death due to negligence in treatment. After a written complaint to the Collector, the Health Department in town has formed an Investigation team for the case.
Balco resident Ritesh Nathaniel told that his father Rajkumar Nathani was returning from Korba to Balco on 1st of january and was met with an accident due to the potholes in the road. He suffered a head injury and was immediately taken to the Balco Hospital for primary treatment. Soon he was referred to Balaji Trauma Centre and admitted to the ICU.
By 4th of January, Ritesh had paid over ₹1.25 lakh to the hospital on account of Doctor’s fee, bed charges and medicines. The next morning on 5th january, Ritesh called up public health helpline number 104 due to lack of funds for further treatment. Following which the hospital management had a talk with the Ayushman Policy Officials and the further treatment was facilitated under the policy.
Senior Doctor Pradeep Tripathi who was monitoring the case suggested a head surgery and took multiple signatures from Ritesh and other family members. The operation was told to be successful and after operating the patient Dr Tripathi straightaway left for Raipur. Apparently, the patient was declared dead on the next morning (6th january). The aggrieved family had accused the Hospital Managment and Dr Tripathi for the sudden death of the patient.
The family registered a written complaint on the same day under the Balco Police station. Following which, they were threatened by the Hospital administration to take the case back. Ritesh turned to the District Collector as a last resort on 14th of January and demanded a high level investigation of the case. The Collector Mohammad Abdul Qaiser Haque directed the district Health department’s Chief Medical and Health Officer (CMHO) to form a team for investigation of the case. The team has been directed to submit a report of the case within 7 days. The investigation team called up one of Trauma centre’s official Sushil Jha for the enquiry but the call was unanswered which clearly points towards the loopholes in the hospital administration.
Although,this is not the first case of town’s hospital being surrounded with controvesies related to the treatment but the high level investigation has created a stir around the state and many dark truths are bound to unfold with the investigation report.

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