Day one of Rasm Rang unfolds with Parsai’s “Prajatantra ka khel”…

The Four Day Theatre Event kicked off in Raipur's Muktakash Manch on Tuesday

Raipur’s Muktakash Manch witnessed the assemblage of Art and Theatre lovers around the town on Tuesday evening as it was the opening day of the 4 day Theatre Event- Rasm Rang organised by Rang Shrankhala Natya Manch (RSNM).
The first day featured the play called Prajatantra ka Khel based on famous Hindi Playwright Harishankar Parsai’s story ‘Dus Din ka Anshan’. A story that served as a perfect blend of satire, humour and at the same time some serious thought provoking interpretations. A story backed by equally sound performance on the stage by over 20 artists including Suhas Bansod, Hukumchand Patel, Shiva Kumar, Vivek Nirmal and Alka Dubey in key roles.

The play was directed by Heera Manikpuri, who is also the director for the plays scheduled on the forthcoming 3 days. Heera Manikpuri is a graduate from The National School of Drama (NSD) and has done commendable work to promote the Theatre Culture in Chhattisgarh since 2014. Other major members in the team include PS Maltiyar, Gautam Biswas, Trilochan Sona and Prakash Bharti. Raipur’s Mayor Shri Pramod Dubey marked his presence as the Chief Guest with other prominent guests being Shri Shivdas Gorkhe and Shri Yogendra Chaubey. While the First Day itself fetched great response from the audience, the response is only expected to get higher in the forthcoming days with the scheduled presence of star names like Piyush Mishra.

The Schedule for the forthcoming plays is:
16th January: Vyakaran by Premanand Gazvi
17th January: Gagan Damama Bajyo by Piyush Mishra
18th January: Jayaz Hatyare by Albeir Kamu
While the event moves ahead, the Art Lovers in the town are due for some great cultural and theatrical fiesta!
Written and Edited by: Avinash Rochwani

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