Chhattisgarhi Official Language Commission demands the ministers and CM to take oath in Chhattisgarhi language

Chhattisgarh Times Raipur: Chhattisgarh Rajya Bhasha Manch (Official Language Commission) has demanded the newly formed Congress government that all the cabinet ministers including the Chief Minister and also the MLAs should take their oaths in the regional Chhattisgarhi language of the state.
Chhattisgarhi Official Language Commission— which is continuously working towards promoting the use of the Chhattisgarhi language in Government—held a meeting on Saturday in this regard. Many veteran Chhattisgarhi litterateur and scholars from all over the state participated in the meeting.
After a detailed discussion, the commission urged the newly formed Congress government to take oath in the regional language of Chhattisgarh, as Chhattisgarhi is constitutionally the official language of the state.
The veteran Chhattisgarhi litterateur, lecturers, and journalists who were present in the meeting expressed in their views that this government represents 1.5 crore populations of Chhattisgarhis— which make up the majority in the state— including the labourers, farmers, and every person of small villages and town. Therefore, they should respect the official language and take oath in the regional language.
Besides, they also put a demand to make Chhattisgarhi, a medium of education in the schools across the state. There is a provision in the constitution which gives the citizens a right to pursue the education in the mother/regional language. The participants urged that when other states are giving this right a priority, then why not apply it in our own state?
Many litterateurs of the state including Nand Kishore Shukla, Dr. Sudhir Sharma, Pardeshi Ram Verma, Kaushal Sharma, and Rameshwar Vaishnav were present in the meet.
Chhattisgarh Rajya Bhasha Manch (Official Language Commission) was formed with an object to preserve, prevail and develop the State’s tradition of ideas and complete linguistic variety of the State and to encourage the traditional language of Chhattisgarhi.

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